Új rendfelszedő pótkocsi a VICON palettán (EN)

Az új Vicon Rotex 450, amely jól felszerelt.


16 tonne loader wagon that extends the range available from the Kverneland Group. Key features from the larger Rotex 550 model have been incorporated into the design of the 450, including the V-Max intake rotor, Isobus controls and heavy duty driveline.

With a capacity of 45 cubic metres (16 tonnes), this new 450 model is designed for those with smaller, lower powered tractors, typically needing a minimum of 110hp to operate.

Power is evenly distributed throughout the Rotex 450 via a heavy-duty gearbox and driveline with a double wide-angle pto and integral cam clutch - all capable of handling up to 1800Nm of torque. This means more output, and better power transmission to the chopping rotor.

The Vicon TwinMax intake system is a key feature of this new Rotex model and without cam tracks, this new intake is virtually a maintenance-free design. It uses V-shaped pick-up tines on its 1.95m pickup, which operate with a roller crop press to deliver a uniform flow of material across the full width of the chopping rotor. Six tine bars with a tine spacing of 55mm give high performance while encouraging fast and efficient crop flow into the Rotex 450.

Chop length is 40mm from the 800mm diameter V-Max rotor. Its 35 knives are arranged in a V-pattern, delivering a smooth flow of crop and creating a powerful feed into the Rotex’s body. This ensures maximum throughput in all conditions to minimise peak loads and reduce power requirements.

While the Rotex 450 is physically smaller – it’s shorter and lower - than the higher capacity 550 model, it can be equipped with the same high-specification options. The second axle for example, can be upgraded so it follows the first axle, reducing surface damage and tyre scrubbling when turning on headlands. There is also the option of fitting 700x22.5 LGP tyres.

Central drive to the chain and slat floor conveyor provides a powerful yet adjustable moving floor discharge system. Speeds can be controlled from the cab, up to a maximum of 14 metres/minute.

The Vicon Rotex 450 – and Rotex 452 twin rotor discharge version - is fully Isobus compliant and will plug directly into an Isobus compatible tractor without the need for a separate control box.